Process, by Design.

Recently a former manager and mentor Maria Giudice asked if given a blank slate what I might choose to do with my life. I honestly hadn’t really thought about this before, and my mind was first filled with thinking of my many obligations. The exercise of removing those blockers, even for a moment, allowed me […]

Setting the Table for Dynamic Change

Often times in design (and especially at design industry gatherings), we collectively suffer from storytelling that doesn’t tell the entire story. I generally leave conferences feeling a bit behind the ball, as the stories told are often success stories that leave me questioning my own methods and experiences. But if you catch someone afterward, they […]

The Paradox of Change

When I came into tech, I had over 15 years of experience as a Design Consultant. With that I brought some pretty definitive notions that I could basically apply everything I had learned as a client partner to the work I would be doing on the inside. As a consultant, I remember always thinking, “Why […]

The Dreamer, The Realist, The Critic

A few months ago at the Leading Design Conference, I heard Margaret Lee give a talk on being a Reluctant Leader. Many, many, things from her talk resonated deeply with me. Most salient was when she spoke about Walt Disney’s Creative Strategy to lead as a triumvirate that includes The Dreamer, The Realist, and The […]

Five Phases of Centralized Partnership

Originally published May 9, 2019 The list of tech companies making big moves in the news goes on and on, Pinterest, Slack, Facebook, Airbnb etc. and while the focus is often on IPO’s and the end result, what runs in the background and central to their core is the partnership of design, dev, and engineering. […]

Values in Progress

Last month I was fortunate enough to spend three days at the Within retreat (many thanks to Automattic for the generous sponsorship). I had never at any point in my life taken much time to reflect and take stock of where I am professionally, let alone personally. The pace of my life never really afforded me the […]

Three Days in the Desert

Operationalizing Design to deliver at scale starts with designers and ends with how they work with each other and with the rest of an organization. Over the past year at Automattic Design, I have worked towards designing better processes, removing the blockers to allow for a closer designer culture, facilitating better cross-team and cross-functional collaboration, […]

The Partnership Lens

A former colleague and friend called me recently and said: “I’ve started my own business, I am only a few months in and I could desperately use your guidance.” Coming from someone I admire, a classically trained industrial design leader, I was flattered. We had worked for years together when I was in consulting and […]